Village People

“It’s fun to stay at the Glasgow Games…”

We are here. The green and gold swarm has bombarded the village with it’s smiles and energetic vibes! Coffee is great (we brought our own) and the company is better.

Train on it’s only a few more days! #needyoubehindme #yolothrow


We are going kilt shopping!

Had been a great month of training with Dad. It’s funny when you think of it, people are so fixated on athletes and their improvements they forget about the coaches improving.

I watched as Dad presented to Swedish coaches and really simplified his method for people who speak English as a second language (a lot of you know that Dad speaks a type of Australian even I have trouble understanding sometimes) Dad really has a gift to teach. He is passionate. Enthusiastic and confident with his knowledge. I was really proud to watch as he gained a lot if respect amongst the coaches and athletes whom he worked with.

Our journey now continues to Glasgow. Dad will head to Gateshead and I’ll have a quick trip to Monaco then meet up with him there to continue fine tuning the violin. Giving our best every session.

We are a great team.

Looking forward to seeing Mum soon too! I only wish my brother and his family could join. Along with a few special others that are close to me.

Special shout out to Gus Puopolo. We are keeping your legacy alive sharing some of your teachings with the world.




#thehomebusk Mess Around

Alright so I am no singer but  I love playing guitar. I love this track by Ray Charles so I tossed on a hat and pretended to be some amazing blues artist for 2 mins. It felt good.  It felt really good. haha.

Join me for a latte at home

Coffee is a great hobby to have. It’s always fun searching for a good coffee spot in new locations but when I am home I know the quality is always good! Thanks to Botero for the beans. Organic Rain has been my consistant favourite from the beginning!

the training goes on!

After a busy schedule of competitions over the last few months its time to take a break and grind out some quality, smart work before #glasgow2014 Here are a few snaps of the Lederhosen suit. Halle was a great meet. Strong performances and great atmosphere!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.21.43 pm

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A Book Worth Reading

A few years ago, I packed myself up in a hire car. Drove from Berlin to Poland and visited the notorious Auschwitz. My brother insisted i take the journey as a humanitarian, not as a tourist.

24 hours later I was a changed man. If you ever get the chance to read this book it will open your eyes to a part of history no single person could possibly imagine.


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 8.27.25 pm

For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half Million men, women and children from various countries of Europe.  Auschwitz – Birkenau 1940 – 1945

#willitthrow Episode 11: Stövel

Yes this is in Swedish, in case you are wondering. I took a journey to the beautiful Dalarna area in Sweden (if you have a small horse statue in your home then this is where that is from)

After watching my entire session I just had to let these two little gems join in the fun. Thank you to Rasmus and Thelma and their Pappa Jonas for being awesome participants in my #willitthrow segment. Ultra-cute