#willitthrow PREMIER 2016

After a long break, #willitthrow is back with a BANG!

Paralympian and all round fantastic guy, Scott Reardon lets me give his foot a throw!

Results were much better than expected.

You can get involved with #willitthrow by suggesting what I should throw via my facebook page.


Fashion For the Larger Gent part #2: Guest Blog

I know Nina as “Roonak” or “Rooni” I first met Roonak through a very good friend of mine when we were demolishing his bathroom for a fresh renovation. We were all clad in clothes for work. Dust, paint and sewerage flying everywhere. Then Nina showed up. Even in her work clothes Roonak oozed style. I wondered to myself, “surely this… Read more →

Ronda Rousey & Keeping off the bandwagon.

Before I heard the name Ronda Rousey, I had no real idea what UFC was or even the fact that it existed. I could not care less about the sport either. Its not something that I am interested in nor would I pay to go and see a contest. Regardless of who was fighting, Men or Women. Its difficult to… Read more →

Off to China and Offline!

Hi All! Has been a wonderful time here in Japan! The hospitality has been fantastic and i’m really enjoying being around my Aussie team mates! I head into China with Pops today and for the last few days of prep and to be immersed in the buzz and good times with my compadres! Can’t wait to see my Mumsy too!… Read more →

6 Things Not to say to throwers

Sometimes when you are walking through the bush you may stumble across a snake sunning itself and minding its own business. A good way to get bitten by the poisonous little fella is if you go and annoy it. Throwers can be much the same. Here are a few tips to prevent all the non-throwers out there from getting bitten!… Read more →

Black Forest (cake) Germany

Dad and I popped over to the Black Forrest in Germany and were surprised not to find any cake. Lots of sausage, beer and sunshine. Managed to catch up with old mates Adam and Courtney Kuehl too! It has been years!! Special thanks to Claus Schmiederer and Werner Daniels for taking care of us. “Yes I DO!”               Read more →

Doping and “Dopes” in Sport

In the light of recent happenings with drugs in sport in Australia and, for the most part, around the world, things just don’t seem to make any sense. I was always under the impression that as athletes, WE are the ones responsible for everything that is in our system regardless of whether or not we are poorly advised or contaminated.… Read more →