#willitthrow I need your input

I need your help! Suggesting things for me to throw is the main concept behind #willitthrow I’m constantly thinking if things I can let fly but I need your help!!

To get involved you can contact me via email benn@bennharradine.com or you can simply add me on twitter or Instagram and hashtag #willitthrow with your ideas!
My social media buttons are right here on my website!

If you are a company wanting to send me products to throw as far I can please send me an email!

Next week is an expensive challenge but it will be well worth it!

This is me post sock-filled-hummus attempt


Time to brush up on my Glasweigan

It’s been one of the best domestic seasons of my career. Lifting my performance platform before heading into Europe.
Keep calm. Stay healthy. Focus on the process and progress!

Here are some images from our channel 10 promo shoot for Glasgow 2014.

Always up for some fun!

No kilt? No guilt!




We can be heroes!

“Hey Benn, I think we can do a better Selfie than the one they did at the Oscars”
“Of course we can!”

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.14.14 pm Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.15.17 pm

Nailed It!!