6 Things Not to say to throwers

Sometimes when you are walking through the bush you may stumble across a snake sunning itself and minding its own business. A good way to get bitten by the poisonous little fella is if you go and annoy it. Throwers can be much the same.

Here are a few tips to prevent all the non-throwers out there from getting bitten!

1. You can just eat whatever you want right? You don’t need to diet.

Being an elite athlete requires elite nutrition. The things we put into our systems effect how we perform. So the answer to this is “No!”
If you look at the top of the tree in throwing world most of us are specimens of athleticism. We are not diabetic, heart attack candidates who have had a lightbulb moment whilst stuffing our faces at our local fast food restaurant and decided we might try and be the worlds best and throwing things.

Pre Training Load!

Pre Training Load!

2. Please don’t drop the weights!

The main reason you don’t see us around public gyms is because the general public don’t know how to behave around us. We sweat, yell, listen to loud music and throw loads of weight around. So if you even see us smashing a weights session and you might think its a good idea to ask us to be quiet or “don’t drop the weights” tweet about it instead. You might get a better response because we aint listening!

3. Throwing training is mainly upper body weights right?

This is 100% correct. All we do is bench and bicep curls. We don’t need our legs at all when we throw they are just there to hold up our massive torso! You could pretty much just stand in the ring and wind up your arms and throw your implement to outer-space.
Kindly remove yourself from your chair and smack yourself in the face with it.

Bench PB: 280kg Squat PB: 40kg

Bench PB: 280kg
Squat PB: 40kg

(For the ladies)
4. You are fit but you still look really feminine.

This is not a compliment for many female throwers. Either people are super surprised throwers aren’t obese blobs who can’t run and had no choice but to throw or, for the ladies, they are “strong” and surprisingly they still look “like a woman”
Its strangely curious to me, before instagram and #fitspo and #fitnessmodel were around, girls with lean muscle were “butch” or “dykey” Now there are over 19,000,0000 posts of the same females online and all of a sudden they are beautiful.
News flash people, these girls have been around for ages. They are amazing athletes who look fantastic and deserve a high five for being so awesome. They don’t need to be put in a dress to restore all hopes of “femininity”

ásdís hjálmsdóttir

ásdís hjálmsdóttir

5. You can’t throw here its dangerous and ruins the grass!

This is nearly my number one pet hate. You are all warmed up, and Grounds Keeper Willy rolls over on his ride on cart to tell you that your implements ruin his sacred grass.  News flash Willy, if it wasn’t for us you would have no job. Be thankful that we are giving you something to do. Its even worse when the Diamond League use it as an excuse to not host your event even when there have been throws meets in the exact same stadium on the exact same grass!

Pain everywhere!

Pain everywhere!

6. Throwers don’t train hard like runners. They just lift weights and throw.

I had an interesting discussion with a 400m runner who insisted that throwers would never experience the kind of hurt that they did. That a true measure of hard training was when he “threw up after a lactic set” Naturally I was impressed but sometimes its best to just stay quiet and hope that these types of people never breed.

Here is your medal for "hard training"

Here is your medal for “hard training”