During the Olympic year, application for the foundation were put on hold however, with the season close to finishing applications for the foundation are now being considered.

“Help a Brother Out”

Whether you want to win gold for Australia at the Olympic Games, travel Mongolia on a horse, or study to become a doctor, Benn Harradine’s soon to be launched foundation is designed to assist Australians take control of their own direction.

It’s about having a clear goal, pursuing a vision with great dedication and ambition. Benn wants to support ordinary people who have an extraordinary dream.

Australia has never been short of talent and Benn believes it is time to implement a pathway whereby people can commit to their dreams as he has, and start moving towards that goal today.

The foundation will ask you to initiate your process. Invites you to challenge yourself. The foundation is an investment in you, the future, giving you the opportunity to minimise obstacles and allowing you to take control of your very own direction. The choice will be yours.

“Its not who you are that holds you back, its who you think you are not”

In the interim, the foundation has had a number of donations from elite sports men and women including sports equipment, shoes, and clothes. If this is something you are short of, please contact me directly via my contact page. If you would like to make a donation please contact me via the same method. Supporters are constantly growing and are coming from all over the globe.

Benn Harradine’s foundation will soon have its own website, where you can read about how to apply, follow the happenings, become a supporter and be a part of a movement towards a clearer tomorrow.

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