“Society has put up so many boundaries, so many limitations on what’s right and wrong that it’s almost impossible to get a pure thought out. It’s like a little kid, a little boy, looking at colours, and no one told him what colours are good, before somebody tells you you shouldn’t like pink because that’s for girls, or you’d instantly… Read more →

Fashion tips for the larger gent!

With so many fantastic shapes and sizes in the throwing community, being a bigger gent can sometimes have its issues when trying to look our best. Here are a few foolproof tips to ensure stepping out in style is not a disaster. 1. If i can see your Vastus Medialis in your jeans, they are too tight. All those squats, thrusters and… Read more →

7 Things you should know before dating a thrower

Looks are deceiving. The public only see the final product. Granted some final products are better that others however I think that only reflects the coach and the team around the athlete. On a deeper level there are a few things to know about us Throwers before you plunge into calling each other “Bae” and “Hunny Bunny” Check the list…oh… Read more →

Withdrawal from Nationals

Nationals are in Brisbane this year. My “backyard” and unfortunately I will not be able to compete. I really want to start, I just have to be sensible this year to ensure my body is able to work at the percentage required to do well at Worlds and Rio. I wish everyone great success, both my abled bodied and AWD… Read more →

2 New #Harradineperformance seminars to be scheduled.

During our introductory seminar, coaches and athletes gave feedback outlining areas they really wanted to learn more about. How I could help them grow in confidence and assist to deliver information about areas they wanted to improve upon. Coach and Athlete Psychology. Understanding the athlete, Understanding ourselves. Tips for communication. I am excited to announce that Anthony Klarica from Elite… Read more →

Top 3 tips to beat the heat!

Rio isn’t going to be cold. Neither is Beijing for that matter and as athletes we have to have routines and plans to help us get the most out of our recovery and be as comfortable as possible so we can train well. We demand a lot from our bodies so i figure if we are good to our bodies… Read more →

Nutrition workshop update

Darron Haworth has a depth of knowledge too great not to share! I have been working with Darren since 2008 to help get the most out of my nutrition and recovery. Please bring along any supplements you may want to ask about to help understand ingredients and the value they may have (or may not have) to your individual nutrition… Read more →