Twitter questions answered! #floorisyours

  Last week I asked my followers if there were 3 things they wanted to know about athletics and/or athletes what would they be? Sometimes 140 Characters is not enough to answer, so @Track_Studd I took a little more time and space to answer them the best I can for you. 1. Is success a mindset or genetics? This depends… Read more →

Supplement and Nutrition Workshop

After such a fantastic Harradine Performance introductory seminar and the wonderful feedback I had from coaches and athletes, I have set about meeting the requests for more information across different subjects. To continue with my vision of delivering information that coaches and athletes want to know more about I have secured Darren Hawthorn to present a workshop on supplementation and… Read more →

What is the project all about!

Athlete ¬†first! We are doing it right! The community of throwers in Australia is strong. I recognise that the personal coaches we have are doing a fantastic job of producing athletes time and time again! With this in mind i pose the question, “how can we improve together and share information in an environment that is non-threatening? encouraging coaches and… Read more →

How Can I Help?

If you are a Queensland based athlete or coach I will be starting a new project to help coaches along with their athletes, and athletes who are interested in a pathway in the throws events. Using my knowledge and experience as well as some other experts in their fields, I will be covering a wide range of aspects surrounding general… Read more →

Spikes make me look a bit groovy!

The wonderful folks at Spikes and I had a chat last week. I am grateful that they take the time to allow me to explain some of the method to my madness. I love this sport. Its nice to feel like every character has a chance to shine in some way. Thanks again. Benn #yolothrow Read more →

Top 7 Excuses for Doping

Everyone loves a list, so I thought I would compile what seem to be the most humerous excuses for being caught with banned substances in their sytems. Like turning up to class with the vivid and amazing imaginations that thought up reasons why we didn’t do our homework, these “kids” were just as crafty as your average 6 year old.… Read more →