Top 3 tips to beat the heat!

Rio isn’t going to be cold. Neither is Beijing for that matter and as athletes we have to have routines and plans to help us get the most out of our recovery and be as comfortable as possible so we can train well. We demand a lot from our bodies so i figure if we are good to our bodies they will be good to us in return!

When i lived in Germany nobody could deal with aircon. It was as if creatures lived inside them and once activated they would leap out and lay eggs in your immune system. It was painful. If it wasn’t “instant illness air” they aircon was also responsible for sudden neck pain or eye twitches! I had to sit and swelter and sleep about 3 mins per night in a pool of my own sweat because my beloved aircon was “VERBOTEN!”

Little do the folk of sausage land know that part of the reason they had instant sniffles and dry eyes was because the air was deprived of moisture. Ever wondered what that “gassy looking” substance is that you see on aircrafts? Its moisture being restored to the air in the cabin so folks don’t ask for water every 5 mins, or sneeze every 13.5 mins on a 24hr long haul flight.

I live in Brisbane. Its hot. Its humid and sleeping without some form of aircon is about as easy as eating soup with chopsticks. I need something to balance the humidity in the air so i can wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for training the next morning!

Enter…(tip 1)

Ionmax Humidfyer

Ionmax Humidfier

This little beauty, with its own designer stool (sold separately) lets me shut up the apartment, switch on the AC, and enjoy comfort and minimal sweat patches. It services about 40 m2 and at around $200 I bought two of them so the whole apartment is as cool as Johnny Depp and the air is rich and full of moisture. No itchy eyes, or stuffy noses.

I know what your thinking, “i can’t pack one of those in my suitcase and set it up in my hotel room” and I can tell you that you are wrong. There are travel humidifiers (tip 2) or you can just wet a couple of towels (tip 3) and hang them from coat hangers around the room!

You’re welcome!

Breathe Easy Lovers!


(click on the pic for the link to my exact humidifier)